Upside Eternal CD

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Limited edition hand crafted Upside Enternal CD.
Painstakingly done by ALERT312.
Black CD sleeve w/ a gold paint screen.

Upside Eternal Track Listing:

  1. Local

  2. Wild

  3. Gargoyles (ft. MRENC)

  4. Kingdoms Falling (ft. Taelor Gray)  

  5. Flood Ash 

  6. The Darkest Night

  7. Cloud City (ft. Jay Cabassa)

  8. Haunt Me Home (ft. Catalina Bellizzi)

  9. The Upside Eternal

  10. Everyone Eats

  11. No Holds Tongue (ft. DJ Efechto & Propaganda)

  12. Color Grade Agape

  13. Dwell All Day

  14. Eternal