Jonah // Digital Download


Do you trust God even when His call for your life seems opposite to what you believe is the right move? // The book of Jonah is a short story that displays the power of faith, the importance of obedience, and the beautiful mercy of God — not just for the prophet, but also for the people of Nineveh. Through this story, we learn that even when we try to turn our backs on our life’s calling, God is always there for us, ready to guide us back to the right path. This is a reminder that no matter how frightful the situation may appear, we can always turn to God for help and He will deliver us. Ultimately, the book of Jonah inspires us to remain steadfast in our faith and to trust in God's plan for our lives.

STREETLIGHTS presents the most recent Old Testament Audio Bible Release Jonah Produced by Yannick Burklin and read by Michael Boyer

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