Joy King Supreme CD

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Limited edition hand screened Joy King Supreme CD.
Painstakingly done by ALERT312.
Black CD sleeve w/ a White Paint screen.

Joy King Supreme Track Listing:

  1. Manifold

  2. Still

  3. Awake the Dawn

  4. Kill Joy

  5. Fake King Mutiny I (Interlude)  

  6. Joystice (feat. Macklyn Mosley) 

  7. Deliver (feat. Macklyn Mosley)

  8. Small Loves Die

  9. Rhythm of the Resurrection

  10. His Atonement (feat. Liz Vice)

  11. Manifesto of a Man Made (feat. Jackie Hill Perry)

  12. Fake King Mutiny II (Interlude)Perpendicular (feat. Joseph Solomon)

  13. Long Summer’s Day (feat. Liz Vice)