No Strings Attached (feat. Little Parade) // Digital Download


There is a great sense of our need for a connection to God - or as culture calls it - “a greater Being”. Paul talked about this in Acts 17 with the Greeks. We continue to hear this theme in YouTube videos, blog posts and pop songs across culture, genre and geography. But - how do we get to this “Great Being” we so long for relationally? “No Strings Attached” explores this theme of God’s unconditional love through another soul filled single from Streetlights musical voice - Alert312. Ultimately, the song uses the metaphor that all our “air balloons and rockets, make-shift planes and self-made efforts” can never repair a broken relationship with God our Father and Creator. He has to send someone to “our crash landing”. He sent us His Son Jesus to rescue us, where our good works never had a chance to save us. John 3:16-18 was the main biblical inspiration for this song written by Esteban Shedd (SL), composed by Aaron Lopez (SL) with a key collaboration from our friends Little Parade.

Track Listing:

1. No Strings Attached (feat. Little Parade) - Single

2. No Strings Attached (Instrumental)