Out of the Tension...Comes Beauty // Digital Download


"Out of the tension will come a new people…” 

The first words uttered on Alert312 debut full length album is a heartfelt prayer, a promise repeatedly exhorted in God's Word and a sober statement of faith. ‘Out of the Tension…Comes Beauty’ is a musical offering of heart-felt-poetry and raps inspired by the barrage of nuanced, complex tensions faced in 2020 and processed through the transcending truths found in the pages of God's eternal Word. Hot button topics, that arrested Esteban Shedd's (MC) heart are not engaged solely for "engagement's sake", but rather to grapple with the answers and promises God has revealed for a life temporarily filled with the curse of all sin's bitter fruits. The Chicago hip hop trio musically presses the listener into the tense reality of our times globally - from social, political, and spiritual angles - while prayerfully pushing us collectively toward the beautiful promises of Christ Jesus for all ages  - for all people found in Him - "an inheritance beyond reach of change or decay" (1 Peter 1:3-5).

Out of the Tension…Comes Beauty’ is a gritty, yet soulful collection of eclectic hip hop psalms + hymns; an authentic offering from Streetlights’ musical voice, Alert312.

"The art is a door, with a hand of welcome extending out... We want you to come in and meet our Beautiful Savior - Jesus Christ.