Soon Come, Weather Man // Digital Download


"Soon Come, Weather Man" was composed and written with the focus on the deliverance Christ brings to our most desperate, "heart storms." A key lyric was penned by Esteban Shedd "(You're) Trying to make sense of weather of your heart... Where is your faith, my loves?" The short film/music video concept was conceived with the incredible story of Mary Magdelene in mind. She, "who knew 7 demons" (Luke 8:2) met the Master and true deliverance was given to her from her spiritual turmoil and bondage. Meeting the Master brought true freedom. As we created this music single and film, inspired by God's Word, we had in our thoughts the many who are like Mary, in need of the Master's deliverance. Please watch and listen but pray with us as this song, video and the ministry of Streetlights is used to offer this same deliverance in Christ to those who need His Gospel power.

Track Listing: 

1. Soon Come, Weather Man - Single

2. Soon Come, Weather Man (Instrumental)

3. Soon Come, Weather Man (Live)