Todos Los Dias // Digital Download


“Todos Los Días” is a fun, fresh reminder that there is aways reason to give thanks to God through the ups and downs of our down-to-earth daily lives. Esteban Shedd wrote about this timeless truth through fun personal experiences, father-son memories, Chicago neighborhood nostalgia and Scriptural truth weaved in - to form a fun Spanglish Hip Hop journal-entry over Aaron Lopez’ sampling and re-mixing of the Little Parade song “Lunes”. Have a fun time vibing to it as you think about summer coming, paletas (ice cream), community and a heart that needs to give thanks to God to be truly healthy. ¡"Todos los Días - Toda la Gloría va al Señor bueno!" 

Track Listing:

1. Todos Los Dias - Single

2. Todos Los Dias (Instrumental)